About Us

Strack & Van Til's vision is to be recognized as the leading full service food store, exceeding customer expectations today, and into the new millennium.

Strack & Van Til Mission Statement

Strack & Van Til is a full service grocery and fresh food store committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We guarantee the finest quality products at the best value.

We provide our customers with a friendly shopping experience in a clean, safe environment.

We realize that Strack & Van Til is successful because of the dedicated efforts of our associates and we are committed to their training and development.

We remain dedicated to the communities we serve by supporting organizations and events that enhance the quality of life.

Company Policies
Refund Policy

We are proud of all our perishable departments throughout the store and offer a 200% guarantee on freshness. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will give you a replacement product and your money back, with proof of purchase.

We will issue a full refund on all returns accompanied with a receipt.

Returns without a receipt that are over $10.00 will be issued in credit on a Strack & Van Til, Ultra or Town & Country store gift card upon management discretion. Returns without a receipt under $10.00 will be issued in cash.

We will be happy to exchange product for an identical item.

Selling Age Restricted Products: Alcoholic Beverage, Tobacco and Lottery

We card because we care! Please don’t feel offended when we ask for identification. It is our policy to ask everyone making alcoholic beverage or tobacco purchases for identification, regardless of age.

We reserve the right to refuse any liquor sales. In Indiana, due to legislation, if you cannot produce identification for liquor purchases, we cannot complete the sale.

Sometimes we do make mistakes, so please check your lottery tickets for errors before leaving. We are not responsible once you have left the store.

Money Orders

We are a selling agent for money orders and money transfers; we cannot refund any money orders at store level. Refunds can be obtained through Western Union or Currency Express. Please see the service desk for more details.

We accept cash or debit transactions for money order purchases and cash only for money transfers.

Electronic Payments

We accept debit cards, credit cards, EBT and gift cards for purchases. If your card is demagnetized and will not swipe through the terminal, we will complete the order with a manual slip requiring your identification and signature.

Check Cashing

We accept personal checks for payment of groceries.

Sorry, we do not accept starter checks, payroll checks, government checks, money orders, or second party checks.

Your checks must be pre-printed with your name and address listed on them. For your protection, a valid driver’s license or state ID may be requested.

Customers can write up to $40.00 over the purchase amount for cash back.

All checks are processed electronically through Tele Check for approval. We reserve the right to refuse checks.


SVT, LLC’s policies may be altered upon management discretion and without notification.
We reserve the right to limit quantities.